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Home delivery

We offer the option of ground shipping as well as direct to door delivery. Our store carries all the brands we have online however some packages might come directly from the manufacturers to ensure safety and rapidity.

Our products

We ensure that all of the CBD products and brands we carry are amongst the best on the market. We assure our customers that anything that is on our shelves or website are all third party lab tested with up-to-date paperwork. We are very careful of the brands we carry as our reputation must supersede your expectations.

Our safety

Although CBD assimilates well with your bodies own enndocannabinoid system, If you do have concerns about mixing CBD with medications that you are taking, please consult your doctor before taking CBD.

Few Words About

Canna Banana Distributors

We sell the best of the CBD brands in the US, all 3rd party lab tested. We want to help people live a better life all around, and discover the miracle of CBD. We want to help bring back equilibrium to people’s body, mind and soul. We carry an array of CBD products from beauty products, to edibles, to beauty as well as tinctures to pet products.

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